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Permanent Ear Acupuncture

Since 2009 with receiving training for permanent ear acupuncture, this method has been added to the modalities used at the TCM CLINEEK. TCM identified Parkinson's disease and attempted to cure it over 3,000 years ago. One of the methods used then and now is acupuncture. Auricular acupuncture was important enough to be mentioned in the ancient Chinese medical text, The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine. 

Auriculartherapy, or auricular acupuncture was further developed for muscular/skeletal pain by Dr Paul Nogiers, a French neurologist 50 years ago.

The use of ear seeds or ear tacks has been used to stimulate acupuncture points from a few days to a few weeks to aid the release of endorphins, enkephalins and neuroactive amino acids which include glutamine, glycine and GABA. Acupuncture claims to be able to elevate low levels of dopamine, noradrenaline and serontonin to aid in reduction of anxiety and stress.

The ear seeds used in acupuncture come from the Wang Bu Liu Xing (Vaccaria plant), and they are attached using flesh colored tape to acupuncture pressure points on the ear that correspond to the treatment the patient needs.  In acupuncture, the ear represents the entire body.  Imagine that the entire body is overlayed onto the ear with the head down by the earlobe and the feet at the top.  

Permanent ear acupuncture protocol was discovered and developed by Dr. Ulrich Werth. It was discovered by accident. Accidentally a needle remained in patient’s ear and patient experienced good results. This discovery ultimately created a new treatment for Parkinson's disease, the permanent ear implant therapy. The ear implants must be made from medical grade titanium, a substance harder than diamonds, so that the body does not reject them.

Patients appear to have a better prognosis from Ear Acupuncture coupled with limited medication than with medication alone. The tiny titanium implants stimulate the brain to create natural messenger substances that lead to more natural dopamine production. Eventually this should cause the regeneration of damaged brain cells.

When permanent ear acupuncture is performed on the ear, the ear becomes sensitive for a few weeks, and then it settles down. The implants stay in the ear permanently and stimulate the brain through peripheral nervous system, and produce the effects.