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Using this technique, typical and well-recognized images of heat radiation, displaying normal temperature profiles from 20°C to 40°C, and also differing features of non-homogeneoustemperature distributions over the body surface, are generated. In addition, one can occasionally observe unexpected temperature gradients on the skin, though at present these patterns are not well understood, nor can they be interpreted in terms of usefuldiagnostic assessments.

However, the method used here demonstrates that afterburning a moxibustion stick as a directed heat source in adefined manner, in proximity to a body region where there is purported to be an acupuncture point, the meridian structurecan be completely revealed.

FIG 1 demonstrates this result in the case of the stomach and spleen meridians.

In FIG 1A, the heat source is near the left leg of the patient.

As a result, the structure of the left stomach meridian and the right spleen meridian is revealed.

After changing sides, the mirror meridian images are revealed. These results can be consistently reproduced.


FIG 2 shows evidence that what can be seen along thestomach meridian can be documented over its entire length.

Volume 11, Number 1, 2005, pp. 171–173

Klaus-Peter Schlebusch, Ph.D.
International Institute of Biophysics, Landesstiftung Hombroich, Neuss, Germany.
Walburg Maric-Oehler, Ph.D.
International Institute of Biophysics, Landesstiftung Hombroich, Neuss, Germany.
Fritz-Albert Popp, Ph.D.
International Institute of Biophysics, Landesstiftung Hombroich, Neuss, Germany

Scientific Proof of Acupuncture
Three Phd's of the German International institute of biophysics worked on a research project to prove the existence of acupuncture meridians and here is the summary of their research  in 2005.

This study shows, for the first time, evidence of the existence of the acupuncture meridian structure in the human body. After moxibustion (or similar light stimulation) of the body in the 3–5 micro m range, “light channels” appear on the body, which appear to be identical to what are known as meridians in all textbooks of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

These findings appear not only to confirm the existence of acupuncture meridians, but they also open a new window on understanding the energy transfer dynamics of the human body. Furthermore, it is likely that living matter is not in the ground state, but permanently electronically excited.

Using a standard method of infrared thermography and an Inframetrics/FLIR Therma Cam PM 290 (American Infrared,Old Forge, NY) extended infrared camera model, sensitive between 3.4 micro meter and 5 micro meter in the temperature range, from 10°C to 450°C, the heat radiation of the human body can be recorded and analyzed online.

Details of the procedure can be found at www.flir.com.