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Akashic Records Healing and Reading

Helena Blavatsky has referred to the Akashic Records in the late 19th century as one of the earliest in the modern times.

As per her, she was taught by Tibetan monks, who stated that records could be found in "ether" or "akasha", which is the space element in the eastern 5-element system.

This element is the basic building block of reality that sources all other material elements, like Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. The records are dedicated to all GOD's children and have the potential of making a more loving connection through higher vibrations of the inner state. The records once accessed can make the individual closer to the creator through experience of purer love and connection.

Our Guided Meditations focus on certain affirmations. Usually records of the individual's SOUL (Akashic Records) will be opened before the guided meditation session and with repeating the affirmations under the guidance, the session will  , to work on the issue that is the most important for the individual.

The individual relaxes and breathes in a comfortable sitting position.
There will be focus on specific energy that they are wanting to invoke in their lives and, a visualization to bring this energy into their bodies, emotions and lives will be used.​

If the individual has specific questions they can get answers through their records. The session is a very relaxing and spiritual. 

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