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Acupuncture, Herbs, Reiki

Reiki can be used for improving the fertility chances alongside acupuncture or alone.
When you choose Reiki for fertility, first an assessment will be done based on TCM, and for treatment you will receive a Reiki session.

First a general Reiki session will start to reduce or eliminate the blockages you may have, and balance your chakras. Then based on your TCM diagnosis more attention will be paid to the areas of concern.
For example more Reiki healing will be done on the uterus and ovaries, or more healing will be focused on specific organs that are important for fertility success, i.e. Kidneys, Spleen, Heart and Liver. 

A Reiki for fertility session is very relaxing and you will feel the penetrating Reiki energy going through your body during the session, mostly in the form of heat.