Acupuncture, Herbs, Reiki

What to expect during a session:

Our Guided Meditations focus on certain affirmations. Usually records of the individual's SOUL (Akashic Records) will be opened before the guided meditation session and with repeating the affirmations under the guidance of the REIKI master session will continue, to work on the issue that is the most important for the individual.

The individual relaxes and breathes in a comfortable sitting position.

There will be focus on specific energy that they are wanting to invoke in their lives and a visualization to bring this energy into their bodies, emotions and lives will be used.​

Guided Meditation can be defined as meditating with focus, to get in a higher state of consciousness in order to achieve a specific state of mind or goal. It is difficult for people to shut off their active minds when meditating. As soon as we sit down we often begin to start running through different thoughts, ‘to do’ lists, unfinished conversations and other thoughts that tend to go nowhere.

Guided Mediation enables people to breathe, relax and focus their thoughts and intentions on a specific track. Through the use of imagination and visualization we can draw positive energy into our bodies. We can awaken latent areas of our minds. We can experience ourselves opening up to a higher purpose and feel reality shifting within us.

There are many different types of guided meditations. Guided release Meditation focuses on awakening and balancing the emotions and release of negative energies. During the release the Chakras get balanced as a result of the healing process and heal different physical and emotional aspects of a person.​

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