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The chart on the top compares the Acupuncture group and the control group (that did not receive acupuncture), in a research published in 2006. In group I, the clinical pregnancy rate and ongoing pregnancy rate (33.6% and 28.4%, respectively) were significantly higher than in group II (15.6% and 13.8%). (Stefan Dieterle, M.D., Gao Ying, M.D., Wolfgang Hatzmann, M.D., and Andreas Neuer, M.D.)

Acupuncture and TCM treatment plan for IVF and IUI:

If you have tried to conceive for more than 12 months with no success,  or you have had multiple miscarriages and your age group warrants you to be an IVF candidate, then it is suggested by most clinics to add Acupuncture and TCM to your IVF or IUI process.

When you book your first appointment a thorough history will be taken and a diagnosis will be made based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Then an minimum of once a week visits are suggested for acupuncture and if needed herbal remedies or supplements will be added to your treatment plan. Every individual will respond differently. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your IVF or IUI procedure.

In addition to your regular acupuncture treatments which make you readier for the time of procedure, it is highly recommended to do a treatment prior to and one on the day of IVF transfer or IUI procedure. 

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How important is to combine Acupuncture and TCM with IVF and IUI procedures?

The answer is "Extremely Important", when you are investing so much time, effort and money to go for cycle monitoring and getting ready for IVF or IUI, it only makes more sense to improve your chances as much as you can.

In addition to increasing your chances of success, Acupuncture reduces the stress you are going through while getting ready for IVF or your IUI procedure.

Let's look at scientific research for the positive effect of Acupuncture on IVF or IUI.