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Water, an important element of our body

According to various health experts, drinking water every day is essential to maintaining good health. Infants bodies are made up of 70% water, while adult males are about 60% and females around 55%.  Most beverages we are used to drink instead of water come with "extras" that our bodies don't need, that could be sugar or caffeine. They boost us temporarily, but increase the acidity levels of our bodies, and they don't quensh our thirst. We may actually experience fatigue after drinking them.

​Water provides participates in making our blood, helps transport food through our digestive tract and removes waste from all of cells. Most experts recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water every day to replace what is lost through our metabolism. Other factors affecting the amount of wate we need to drink our physical acitivities, where we live and climate of the area.


Water makes electrolytes of our bodies that circulated throughout. Electrolytes contain minerals like sodium, magnesium, potassium, chloride, and calcium. They help transport glucose and amino acids in and out of our cells. Electrolytes are balanced by another but opposite charge to manage the flow of nutrients to cells and waste from it.

Acid-Base Balance

Water regulates PH blance of our body. It  is neutral. Hydrogen concentrations determin the acid/base balance of our bodies. Our body's PH is around 7.4.

The importance of water quality

The world's water is polluted with agricultural waste, sewage, and other toxic materials that endanger our health. Kangen Water® has a clean, pure taste, without losing any of the important minerals that are normally lost in bottled and filtered water, or reverse osmosis water.

KANGEN Water is able to properly hydrate the body while creating a positive alkaline environment. KANGEN Water will hydrate and detoxify you on a cellular level like you've never felt before.

Research on alkaline diet benefits

According to a research published on US National Library of Medicine in 2012, it would be prudent to consider an alkaline diet to reduce morbidity and mortality of chronic disease that are plaguing the aging population. One of the first considerations in an alkaline diet, which includes more fruits and vegetables, is to know what type of soil they were grown in since this may significantly influence the mineral content. (

Alkaline water like KANGEN Water®, is an excellent addition to everyones alkaline diet to further reduce the effects of aging and demineralization of body.

Alkaline water can support the bone minerals and reduce the leaching of minerals due to the acidic diets, mostly consisted of red meat, dairy and sugar rich foods.


Kangen water is produced by an ionizing system, that after filtering the water, it electrically ionizes it and then separates it into OH- and H+. Minerals are introduced to the water after inonization and H+ plays an antioxidant role. This way the machine produced alkaline water with high antioxidant value. 

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