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Kangen water is produced by an ionizing system, that after filtering the water, it electrically ionizes it and then separates it into OH- and H+. Minerals are introduced to the water after inonization and H+ plays an antioxidant role. This way the machine produced alkaline water with high antioxidant value. 

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Four Primary Properties of Ionized Kangen Water


  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Contains active hydrogen
  • Ionized water gives energy
  • Reduces effects of aging


  • H2O pH level of 8.5 to 9.5
  • Healthy pH balance
  • Counteracts acidic foods
  • Promotes overall health


  • Removes acid waste/toxins
  • Helps detoxify the colon
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Faster circulation of H2O


  • Superior hydration of body
  • Micro-clustered/Hexagonal
  • Water hydrates efficiently
  • Better nutrient absorption

Reported Health Benefits of Kangen Water

  • Increases stable oxygen in your body.
  • Promotes health weight loss. Helps with weight   control and curbs your hunger when dieting.
  • Increases energy, decreases recovery time and improves capacity for aerobic activities.
  • Akaline ionized water buffers against lactic acid build up so that recovery time after exercising is decreased.
  • Contains structurally smaller molecules that help the body absorb more water and hydrate quickly.
  • Increases absorption of important vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.
  •  Boosts body’s immunity against disease.
  •  Excellent natural anti-oxident that will scavenge and disarm free radicals before they oxidize cell tissue.
  •  Neutralizes and flushes toxins and acidic water

Alkaline water can support the bone minerals and reduce the leaching of minerals due to the acidic diets, mostly consisted of red meat, dairy and sugar rich foods.

Your Body Is Water

Drinking water every day is crucial to maintaining good health. Our bodies are comprised of almost 70% water. Many of the beverages we choose to drink instead of water come with “extras” that our bodies don’t need, such as sugar and caffeine. These beverages give us a temporary boost, but their corrosive acid levels are detrimental to our health, don’t satisfy our thirst, and make us feel fatigued and dehydrated. Such bad habits take a toll on our health, our energy, and our overall happiness.

Water is the key to maintaining good health and hydration. Unfortunately, the world’s water is polluted with agricultural run-off, sewage, and other toxic agents that compromise our health. Kangen Water® has a clean, pure taste, without losing any of the important minerals that are normally lost in bottled and filtered water.

Kangen Water® also has the ability to properly hydrate the body while creating a positive alkaline environment. KANGEN Water will hydrate and detoxify you on a cellular level like you’ve never felt before.

An important part of the Enagic business philosophy is realizing true physical health. Your body is smart, but if you don’t provide it with the crucial elements, it won’t perform to its maximum potential. Make Kangen Water® part of your daily routine. It doesn’t take a dramatic life change to start improving your health. Pure, clean, Kangen Water® is at your fingertips.

[Source: Picture and text was copied form Ceragem Kangen Water website, with permission from Richard Cheng]

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