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Dr. Haghighat is a Cardiologist who practices in Tehran/Iran. In addition to his cardiology practice, he also has a special interest to heal people in person or long distance. 
He has been healing people for more than 25 years, either in person or long distance. It does not matter if you are a local person or someone who lives in Canada, the U.S. or elsewhere in the world.
What do you need to receive long distance healing?
1-Dr. Haghighat needs your photograph that you could send to this website.
2-He needs your full name, your mother's name and your father's name.
3-The best is to call him and with your picture available to him he can focus while on the phone to make sure you are in the best position and location or time of the day to receive the healing.

Charges and Fees:

You will only be charged as much as you can afford after you felt improvement. You need to keep in mind that chronic conditions will take longer to heal than acute conditions.

For more information please contact our phone number 647-444-4083 to give you more details. After contacting through TCM CLINEEK'S Website, you will be set to contact Dr. Haghighat directly.

About Long Distance Healing

Through his wisdom and knowledge, Dr. Haghighat will connect with the patients' energy field and send the healing to those people by their names and being in contact present on the phone.