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When you miss your regular period, and have been trying to conceive, a positive home pregnancy test can be a joyful thing. However the excitement can become a  loss, if the pregnancy is not viable. Miscarriage occurs in 15-25% of known pregnancies, and about 1% of women suffer from repeat miscarriages. Recent evidence suggests acupuncture and Chinese medicine may be an important treatment to improve fertility by preventing miscarriage. In simplest terms, a miscarriage is a pregnancy involuntarily ended before the 20th week of pregnancy. (Health Canada)

Acupuncture for miscarriage
Acupuncture and TCM can normalize hormones, improve blood flow to the uterus and fetus, enhance the uterine lining, moderate the immune response and reduce stress to facilitate better carrying chances.
TCM believes that Kidney and Heart and Spleen play an important role in maintaining pregnancy. So certain acupuncture points on these channels, which are safe during pregnancy, are selected to raise the Qi and help body to hold the fetus better. 
Central to the treatment plan. In general, treatment to prevent miscarriage includes weekly acupuncture for the first 4-5 months to support better implantation, and carrying chances. Depending upon your TCM diagnosis and current biomedical treatment, weekly acupuncture, diet and lifestyle modification, and dietary supplementation tailored to your needs are always part of the treatment plan. If appropriate, Chinese herbal therapy may also be suggested.