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Remote Sessions

Acupuncture or Reiki Sessions can be either performed in person, or remotely (long distance).  

This means it is possible to receive a session when you are unable to be at the clinic. Especially now due to COVID-19, or if things get back on track due to travelling, being sick, scheduling issues or emergencies.

We are all connected so a "Remote Session" will work exactly as an in person session at the clinic, sometimes even better as you do not need to go the clinic, so you can save gas, time, and stress of driving or using transit.

Healing from distance has existed since the beginning of time. All human beings are made up of energy or "Qi" (Chee), as the universe.

If you have already received a remote Reiki session you can understand that acupuncture is the same only it is more focused and specific as we can work on the "Acupuncture Meridians and Points" remotely.

Based on Quantum Physics this phenomenon can be scientifically explained. "Dean Radin, Ph.D"

"The reason that Quantum Physics is particularly appropriate to the concept of distance healing, is that the theory requires that the mind be put back into physics" 

"In classical Physics there is no need for mind. In fact if you follow the history of it, you'll find that because the classical Physics has no need for the concept of mind, that many Neuroscientists today, believe there is no awareness, there is no actual consciousness in there. It's like we are like a giant clock work machine and there is an illusion of mind but that's all it is. But they don't answer then who is having the the illusion". 

Quantum Physics changes this significantly. It says that mind is involved in some way in how our measurement of the universe takes place. So you take that, mind is important, we take the observation that things that appear to be separate are in fact NOT, and suddenly we have something which points to a rational direction as to why the practitioner/healer's thinking about the patient's body and their acupuncture points/meridians, or chakras, at a distance might actually work.

Practitioner mentally observes the patient at a distance and in principle from the Quantum point of view that can positively influence the healing and balancing of energy (Qi), and bring order back to the meridians and start the process of healing and eventually cause modifying diseases.