​​Tcm clineek

Acupuncture, Herbs, Reiki

On a typical 1st TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine),  visit & treatment, patients are asked to fill out a form which has numerous questions on different topics. During diagnosis the TCM doctor will focus on the answers to the following questions:

1-Chills & Fever                                                             2-Sweating

3-Head & Body                                                              4-Urine & Stool

5-Appetite & Taste                                                         6-Thirst & Drink

7-Chest & Abdomen                                                       8-Ears & Eyes

9-Sleep & Energy                                                           10-Women's/Men's Disorders

Answers to these questions will reveal facts about the condition of the patient, for instance if someone feels hot at night and has night sweats, that indicates KI yin deficiency.

The doctor checks the pulse and tongue of the patient.On the right hand LungSpleen and right Kidney pulses are checked. On the left hand HeartLiver and left Kidney pulses are checked. After that the patient is asked to stick their tongue out, so that the color of body and coating of the tongue can be observed.

This way the doctor can know the quality of pulses to evaluate the general QI and Blood flow, and the coating and color of the body of the tongue will also indicate certain things. For example a red tongue indicates heat. White coating of the tongue indicates cold. Lack of coating in the middle of the tongue indicates Stomach yin def. or dryness in Stomach.

A TCM diagnosis will be made, based on the answers to the 11 questions,  the quality of the pulses,  the color of tongue and it's coating.​